Back Hair Removal – A Brief Overview

These days numerous men have been looking at back hair removal. This is because too much back hair can make man look… well ape like. A little is OK but I think most people will agree that excessive back hair is not a good thing. What we will look at in this article is ways to remove back hair. We will look at both long term and short term methods.


The back is a very hard area to reach for obvious reasons, so why not have someone else do the back hair removal for you? Waxing is the technique of putting hot (or cold) wax on the skin and then a cloth or paper strip is put on top and ripped off. This takes out hair from root to tip and commonly lasts 2-8 weeks, although it changes a lot from person to person. Hair reduction is always going to be a long process and if your hair grows back rapidly a more long lasting approach would be more suitable. Having said that since the roots are being impaired after each waxing procedure, the hair that does grow back shouldn’t be as thick. If you’re uncomfortable about going to a salon you can get home waxing kits, however, you will need a helping hand from your partner for this and undoubtedly it will be more painful than getting it done by a professional.

Trimmers / Shaving

If you just want to have your hair manageable then possibly trimmers or shaving are the best option for back hair removal. It’s also one of the lowest priced options but regrettably one of the least permanent. Hair will commence growing back immediately. It’s really hard to do by yourself too unless you want a back full of cuts! It’s a fast and straight forward option but something to think about if you’re on a budget.

Laser Hair Removal

At home laser hair reduction, or specialist laser hair removal is a practical permanent option. It is rather pricey but surely worth it because you wont need to be bothered about your hair reduction ever again! A drawback is that you will need a few treatments, so you will need to join together this option with shaving, but after a number of months you should be completely hair free. It works by the laser simply killing your hair follicles, this hurts just slightly – people say it’s similar to an elastic band snapping against your skin. At home laser hair removal systems will save money over getting it expertly done and means you can do other areas too – not just hair elimination.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair reduction creams can be utilized both at home and at a salon for back hair reduction. It gets rid of the hair from the skin level; not the root. Mainly because it’s a cream you should be able to apply the cream to your back by on your own, but it still will be more convenient to get another person to do it for you. The hair reduction cream works by decomposing the construction of the hair, which then means it can be successfully scraped off the skin. Hair will commonly begin to grow back after a week or so.