Plus Size Fashion Shopping Online

I am often surprised by people’s reaction when I tell them that I bought my latest dress off the Internet. They cannot understand how I could take the ‘risk’ of buying something so personal online, without even touching or trying it on first. This is the most common feedback I get from many friends and relatives when they compliment me on my new outfit, ask me where I got it from and I tell them… online!

The thing is, most of this feedback comes from people who are size 10 or less and who do not understand how much of a distressing experience clothes shopping can be for a lady who is size 20.

I remember when I was younger hating going shopping with cousins or friends. Most of the time I used to end up being their shopping assistant instead of their fellow shopper; not finding anything that I liked which was in my size, would usually leave me no other option. I could not understand why most stores could not open their eyes real wide and realise that most women are curvy! It felt (and still does feel) so unfair to me that most of the fashionable styles of clothing are not available for plus sized women.

My shopping experience changed from night to day when I discovered plus size clothing stores online. I could not believe the amount of stores available online for plus size women. Stores exclusively carrying plus size fashion; apparel and accessories that looked good and that was in my size. I was ecstatic at my discovery, this eased so many of my shopping problems.

I can now say that over the years the amount of plus size stores available online has grown tremendously, and the quality of fashion available has definitely improved. Plus size store online are now able to satisfy all tastes, occasions and sizes.

I have decided to share these thoughts with you to encourage fellow plus size women who may be looking for that special outfit, or who simply want to shop for more clothes, to consider the option of shopping online because, believe me, it will open many stylish doors for you!

Here follow my seven essentials reasons why I personally shop online for most of my clothes and why I am recommending online shopping to all plus size women.

1. Size availability

Finally you no longer have to worry about whether stores carry the item you like in your size, because plus size stores online cater exclusively to plus size women’s needs. That is, they usually carry items from size 12 or 14 to size 48 and above! Most stores have their own size ranges, as some may stop at size 34 for instance while others may carry items up to size 50. This usually varies on a store by store basis.

2. Endless choice of styles

When you are out and about shopping in the usual stores, you are rather limited to the styles of clothing available at one store. Some stores may focus on formal wear rather than casual, and some may not carry swimwear or lingerie for instance. This inconvenience does not exist online. Why? Most plus size clothing stores online carry a wide variety of styles. Plus, it is easy for you whilst you are shopping around online, to switch from one store to the other if you are looking for a different style.

3. Ease of shopping

I don’t know about you but shopping is one tiring chore; walking around big stores, out of this one and into the other. By the end of the day your feet will be aching; makes you wonder why you go into all their trouble in the first place! Shopping around on the Internet just to see what’s in stock, what’s in fashion and what the price ranges are, can be done at just the click of a mouse. You can tirelessly click your way from store to store.

4. Greater selection

When shopping online for clothes I usually find that I am open to a more vast selection of items than when I’m otherwise shopping in usual stores. A store’s web-site usually lists all the items available within that particular store, so you can view everything online. The fashion available to plus size women online from the various stores available is simply endless; you will find stores to suit every taste, age and size. You will find the right store for you!

5. Save those pennies
Looking for the best priced item is much easier online. Imagine you have found an item that you would like to buy; you could easily make a note of it by book-marking the page, and before actually buying that item you can browse around the other plus size clothing stores to check whether they carry the same or similar items at a cheaper price. There are also a lot of promotions and sales going on at online plus size stores. Some stores may choose to keep you updated to their promotions by emailing you monthly newsletters, which will keep you up to date with money saving deals, coupons available and discounts.

6. Friendlier shopping experience

I don’t know about you but one thing I really hate is the nasty attitude and looks I get sometimes from shopping assistants when they tell you, “Sorry we do not carry that in your size!” Seems to me like they need some chocolate in their system! You will definitely not get any of that from most plus size stores online, as they understand the needs of big beautiful women and the friendly customer service reps are usually plus size ladies themselves.

7. Convenient!

This is definitely my favourite perk of shopping online. It is simply convenient! You can shop whenever you what, at what time you want and you can even shop in your pyjamas! You have ample of time to think about your purchase, look over the items you want to buy over and over until you make you final decision. It is just all about you and your time.

Overall shopping online is much more of a pleasant experience. Personally I shop online for a wide range of stuff, due to time constraints and everyday life; however even if I had all the time in the world I would still opt for shopping online when looking for new clothes and accessories as it is much more of a satisfying experience. I recommend online shopping at plus size fashion stores to all the big beautiful women who have trouble finding outfits they really like and which fit them well. The Internet will make you love shopping and your figure!

Online Holiday Shopping Tips – How To Stay Safe When Shopping On the Internet

Every Christmas, more and more people give up the hassle of doing their holiday gift shopping at the mall or big box department stores, and turn to the ease and convenience of the Internet to find the perfect gifts for everyone on their shopping list. Internet shopping is safe, simple, and direct. Here’s how to get the most out of your online holiday shopping experience.

Internet Safety

One of the major concerns keeping many people from shopping online is the threat of a cyber-thief getting a hold of their credit card or checking account information. The best way to protect yourself from this type of fraud is to make sure that you use reputable online retailers only. The online websites of major real-world retailers typically offer the same security as buying something in the store, and large web-based retailers like Amazon and Yahoo! Shopping take great care to ensure that their transactions are secure.

A reputable retailer will use some sort of encrypted transmission to carry your credit card information from your computer to their server. Check your web browser for the indication that your connection is secure. This is usually a padlock, an eye, or some other security-related icon.

If you find yourself connected to a website that looks suspicious, do some research on the retailer before typing in your credit card information. This can be as simple as opening up a new tab and Googling the name of the website. If some of the autofill suggestions are the company name and “fraud,” “scam,” or something similar, it might be in your best interests to find another online retailer.

Holiday Deals

Most, but not all, websites for major retailers will honor the same deals, sales, and specials that are offered in their brick-and-mortar stores. This makes the sale even more of a bargain for you, since you don’t have to waste time and gas in getting to the store. In addition, many online retailers offer free shipping if certain items are purchased, or if the total amount due is over a certain amount. Shipping costs are usually one advantage that stores in the mall have over their online counterparts, but if the shipping is free, that advantage no longer applies.

Be on the lookout when your weekly ads hit your newspaper or mailbox. Make sure the ad doesn’t have fine print stating “in-store only” or “while supplies last.” These phrases typically mean you won’t have much success in finding the deal online. Clearance items that are available in a store may not be available on their web site either.

E-Mail Subscriptions

If you plan to be an online power-shopper, it pays to subscribe to the various e-mail newsletters and online promotions that are available. Many of these subscription services are run by individual retailers as a form of targeted advertising, while others are grass-roots, ad-supported sites that operate by collecting and reviewing the various special offers available across the Internet. After all, a sale won’t do you any good if you never find out about it!

By taking these tips into account, you can guarantee that your online Christmas shopping experience will be a success. Once you’ve seen how fast and easy online shopping is, you may never go back to the mall again!

The Joy of Shopping

A woman, standing in a checkout line with a heaping shopping cart, told the clerk, “My husband’s going to be mad that I’ve shopped all day.” The clerk replied, “I’m sure he’ll understand, when you tell him about all the bargains you found.” The woman said, “I don’t think so. This morning he broke his arm, and he’s waiting in the car for me to take him to the emergency room.”

Do you lose track of time when sniffing out sales in search of that illusive, ultimate bargain? I sure do. But yesterday, I had a strange experience. I ran into Wal-mart and bought only the light bulbs I’d gone in for. I was back in my car within ten minutes. Even the husband was shocked.

It’s an eerie feeling to shop without a cart, spend less than ten dollars, and leave the store without checking out the sale racks. Normally, I go in for a couple necessities and emerge three hours later with an empty checkbook and a forklift loaded with purchases.

I should win the Nobel prize for shopping. I can turn a trip to the drugstore for toenail clippers into a shopping marathon. I lapse into a half-crazed shopping stupor when I disappear through those automatic doors, and I rarely leave without an overflowing cart full of handy items like the industrial size floor waxer I got for half price, or the duster on a twelve-foot pole — which I’ve never used — to clean those hard to reach places. (Heck! I don’t even clean the EASY to reach places.)

I’ve found some great bargains over the years, like those cute little nets you put over your paper plate to keep flies off your potato salad. Too bad I can never find them when we have picnics. Then there were those ten-cent pantyhose. Now that’s the sort of discount you don’t see every day. I’m sure I’ll need them eventually, even if they are iridescent orange and sized for pygmies.

I once picked up some adorable little brushes made especially for cleaning test tubes. I don’t have test tubes, but my industrious, obsessive-compulsive husband uses them to scrub light bulbs, door knobs, and loose change.

I was so proud of the wok I got on sale in 1983. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but last year my clever grandson discovered that it worked well for melting down gold jewelry.

And what about that great deal I got on old Monkees albums? At ninety-eight cents each, they were a steal. Guess what everyone on my Christmas gift list is getting this year?

I’m the poster girl for Shopaholics Anonymous. My drug of choice is the Dollar Store. The last thing the husband shouts as I leave the house is, “Be strong! Stay away from the Dollar Store!” He understands that when it comes to the lure of those treasure-laden aisles, I’m as helpless to resist as a monkey who has sworn off bananas. As I once heard another addict remark, I can have a real shopgasm there. I’ve been known to push not one but two carts around in that funland. Children follow me and stare in amazement as I load the baskets till their wheels go flat. I stock up on things like lug nuts, nose hair trimmers, hair nets, ear wax remover, parakeet food, and kitty litter. I don’t have a cat or a bird; but strays might end up on my doorstep someday, and I’ll be prepared. After all, everything in the store is only one dollar, so why not splurge? What a rush! Till I reach the checkout counter and the clerk announces my total of $387.

The husband doesn’t understand about sales. He couldn’t care less that I saved ten dollars. All he sees are the double digit figures on the receipts. He’s so old fashioned, he thinks you shouldn’t buy something unless you really need it. I hate the way his lips turn white and form a thin, straight line when he looks through the check register. Then the veins in his neck bulge out and I know he’s beginning to get peeved with me. That’s when I know it’s time to lock myself in the bathroom till the storm blows over. I sometimes take six showers a day.

H.M. is a twice-a-year shopper. Every Christmas Eve at 11:00 P.M., he takes his annual five minute dash through the open-all-night drugstore to pick up whatever is on the end of the first two aisles. Family members are always surprised by his unique gifts, like the battery powered tweezers, Power Rangers toothbrush, and the package of Snoopy Band-Aids I received last year.

His second shopping spree takes place during the Vernal Equinox when he spends a total of seven minutes purchasing his new summer wardrobe. He goes into race mode when his feet hit the floor of a store. He never uses a cart and doesn’t try anything on. He grabs whatever is nearest the checkout counter. I run to keep up, as he tosses items over my arms.
The next day, I inevitably trudge back to the store and exchange it all because the shoes are three sizes too small and the shirts are size 6X.
I know better than to send H.M. to the grocery store. I once gave him a list with three items on it and he didn’t get any of them. Instead of canned tomatoes, he brought home beets. I got a bag of flour instead of sugar; and rather than picking up oranges, he bought a case of grapefruit. We HATE grapefruit. He says he makes mistakes like these because he doesn’t read labels. Always being in a hurry, he simply grabs whatever looks like the item he’s after. I think he does it on purpose so I won’t send him to the store again.

Maybe I should be a little more like him, though. Think of the time I would save if I spent less of it in search of that ultimate bargain.
Actually, I don’t need to shop at all to find the deal of the century. I’ve already found it — and not just the deal of this century, but of every century.

The best deal ever has been called “the pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:45) which is worth everything you can sell to buy it. It’s a deal God made two thousand years ago. He paid a ransom for you with the life of His only son. It purchased your freedom from the power of sin and death.
The blood of Jesus bought eternal life for every person who is willing to accept His gift. You won’t find a greater deal in any mall on earth.