Lifestyle Enhancement For Healthy Living

Lifestyle enhancement for healthy living is something which modern medicine would preferably focus more on. It is true that procedures to restrain the symptoms of ailments and diseases bring the medical fraternity more money. However, it can’t be denied that prevention in the form of gradual lifestyle changes can contribute to a more immune, happy, and energetic individual.

Programs to Motivate You towards a Positive Change

Different people view lifestyle improvement in different ways – imagine the difference of view between an affluent person and an impoverished one. It is common knowledge that healthy living makes you a healthy individual and prolongs your life, but not many of us have the motivation to make that change. This is where lifestyle enhancement programs handled by experts in the field help. They provide the necessary support and boosting to push the individual towards positive, lasting changes.

Certain aspects like reaching the ideal body weight, making healthy and smart food choices, independence from medication, and physical and emotional fitness are common features of lifestyle enhancement programs. Holistic and simple meal plans, spirituality, the management of food allergies, and having food in public places are other aspects that might be covered. Pursuers of the program benefit from personal sessions, and email and phone support. They learn practices for relaxation and meditation, and possibly may get to participate in private workshops and free monthly seminars.

Undoubtedly Worth the Effort

It is not just older adults who can benefit from these programs; stressed-out individuals, and bosses wanting to rejuvenate their under performing employees are others who stand to gain from these programs. It is a great feeling to successfully complete the program, to feel a better sense of well-being, to bask in increased vitality, and get greater pleasure from life and the consumption of food. Yes, lifestyle enhancement for healthy living is definitely worth the effort.

Diabetes, Your Lifestyle, Insulin Resistance and How They Are Linked

The information on these health issues is presented in a Good News – Bad News scenario. We will take a look at the cause and effect of developing type 2 diabetes. The Bad News is that the effects of this disease are devastating. The Good News is there is something you can do about it. Not only can it be prevented and controlled, but it can even be reversed in most cases. The Good News is that you are in control of your lifestyle choices that can provide you with the health and wellness you desire.

There has been a 500% increase in Type 2 Diabetes in the last generation with the cause being Insulin Resistance in over 90% of these cases. In the United States we are experiencing an Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes. In 2004 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) made a forecast that children in the US, born after 2000, would have a 30% likelihood of developing Diabetes during their lifetime. The likelihood of becoming diabetic increases to 50% in children that happened to be Black, Hispanic or Native American. This trend will cause a catastrophic effect on our health and on our healthcare system. To illustrate this point one has to take into consideration the effects on an individual’s health as a result of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is the Leading Cause of:

  • Adult blindness
  • Amputations
  • Kidney Failure
  • Neuropathy – nerve damage in the extremities
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Premature death

Is prevention or even reversal of Diabetes possible? People who develop diabetes have a 90% chance of developing type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes mellitus. This does not happen overnight, in fact it takes decades for this condition to develop. Due to poor lifestyle choices: improper eating habits, lack of aerobic exercise and poor nutrition, we become less and less sensitive to our own insulin. Next we develop Insulin Resistance which in turn develops into Diabetes and if left uncontrolled will develop into Type 2 Diabetes. In fact, 90% of the individuals that develop Type 2 Diabetes did so because they had a lifestyle that caused them to become Insulin Resistant. The effects of this progression is devastating to our health and will hasten several degenerative diseases, destroy our quality of life and will result in premature death. That is the BAD NEWS, now for the GOOD NEWS.

It is important to note that Type 2 Diabetes is also the most preventable of any type of diabetes. Not only is it preventable but it can be naturally controlled and even reversed. More Good News is that the lifestyle choices that caused this condition to occur, can be reversed and the body will respond naturally to your new lifestyle changes. More Good News is that this devastating process is reversible at just about any stage in this process, even if the individual is already diabetic.

My source for the information on the Triad of a Healthy Life is Dr. Ray Strand:

  1. Heathy eating (diet) – not a starvation diet but healthy eating choices,
  2. Modest and consistent aerobic exercise,
  3. Nutritional Supplements – what is referred to as Cellular Nutrition,

Note: The Triad of Healthy Life will be covered in detail in a future article. There is a growing chorus of medical professionals and nutritional advisors who have experienced the same results when these lifestyle changes are put into practice by their patients and clients. Over a period of 18 to 24 months there is a huge improvement in the quality of life and health. Everybody experienced an improvement in the conditions and effects of their diabetes. Many individuals were even able to reverse the insulin resistance, thereby reversing their diabetes.

Understanding Insulin Resistance

It is critical that you have a clear understanding about Insulin Resistance: what causes it, the results from developing it, how it is linked to Diabetes and can it be reversed. There is much to understand about this subject and it needs to be addressed in another article to do it justice. I will be submitting an article titled: Does Insulin Resistance Cause Diabetes. The Good News is yes, it can be reversed.


Well, that is the Bad News and the Good News when it comes to Insulin Resistance and Diabetes. It is my goal to increase your understanding on this critical healthcare issue. I urge you to continue your research and increase your knowledge on these subjects. Then with your new found knowledge I hope you will make lifestyle choices that will have a positive impact on your health and well-being.

Remember that this article was an overview on these subjects. I will be submitting a follow-up to this article titled: Does Insulin Resistance Cause Diabetes. The article will go into more detail on understanding Insulin Resistance and how it is linked to Diabetes. I also will be writing more articles in the near future that will go into more detail on each one of these important healthcare issues.

I have been researching and increasing my knowledge on healthy lifestyle issues over the past 20 years and I continue to learn more all the time. I hope that through sharing this knowledge in these articles, that it will make a real difference in the lives of many individuals.

I wish you only the best,

Paul E. Dulin

Intelligent Home Lighting Solutions That Will Fit Into Your Lifestyle

Lights play an important role in your home. They create an ambience and can add drama and create moods to an otherwise normal plain environment. The home automation system makes it possible for intelligent lighting controls to go that extra mile to blend in with your lifestyle. Intelligent lighting goes beyond wireless home lighting controls using your Smartphone. It requires other household devices, including motion sensors, light sensors, timers and dimmer switches, to work in sync with your home lighting control.

Below are some common scenarios of how intelligent lighting provides homeowners more than just the facility to remotely switch on and off their lights using their Smartphones.

Improve Safety & Security

Smart lighting can give the impression that your home is occupied even if you are away at work or enjoying your holidays. This is possible by scheduling your outdoor or living room lights to switch on as soon as the motion detectors sense movement. So, whenever a movement is detected around your home, the lights will come on and simulate your presence as if somebody is at home. This is how automated lighting can help add to your remote home monitoring system.

Save Energy

Intelligent home lighting control can reduce your energy usage considerably. As well as allowing you to remotely control all types of lights using your Smartphone app, you can schedule them to switch on or dim at certain times of the day using timers and dimmers. You can also sync the photo sensors and lights to work in tandem so that the lights come on whenever sensors detect low light. This ensures none of the lights are inadvertently left on and that the electricity is optimally used thereby reducing your utility bills.

Return to a Well-Lit Home

Another scenario where intelligent lighting helps is when we return home from work. All of us like to enter a well-lit home after a hard day’s work. You can schedule your living room lights to turn on as soon as the magnetic door sensor is activated when the front door is opened. This means you will no longer have to unlock your main door and hunt for the light switch panel.

Control Ambience

Intelligent lighting control helps you to create the ambience you desire by illuminating or dimming a collection of lights. For instance, with a single tap on your phone you can switch all the indoor lights off and dim all the garden lights for a perfect campfire evening with your friends. You can also dim and change the colour of your living room LEDs to have a faint blue hue to enjoy an evening watching movie with friends.